Ok, now what?

I’ve been thinking about this shitshow of an election since it happened, and I’m about to drop some white hot knowledge on you.

Those who voted for that reprehensible man-child?  They are irrelevant.  They are fucking irrelevant.  Let’s not get all up in arms over “how to reach out to the poor beleaguered Trump voter.”  THOSE PEOPLE WERE NEVER NOT VOTING FOR THE REPUBLICAN, ANYWAY.  This wasn’t a landslide, and it wasn’t a tidal wave.  This was the last gasp dead cat bounce of scared white people, belching to the surface.  The numbers don’t lie.  This is the furthest thing from a mandate that’s imaginable.

Real truth?  He got fewer votes than Romney, fewer than McCain, and certainly fewer than his opponent, Clinton.

Trump, and good for him, hit the absolute ceiling of actual votes vs potential votes.  He maximized his return.  Congratulations to him.  Hillary was a bad candidate and didn’t get her voters out, and certainly not in the right places.


Now fucking dry your tears, and get back in the ring.  You have work to do.  I have work to do.  What do we have to do?  Well, goddamnit, local elections matter.  If this odious shitstain being in the White House bothers you, don’t fucking hashtag about it, show up to a goddamn meeting.  I’ve found 3 organizations locally, and I will be at those meetings.  Would I rather be doing fun things?  Bet your ass.  But I LIVE HERE TOO, AND I LOVE MY HOME, MY STATE, AND MY COUNTRY AS MUCH AS THEY DO.  Sorry, Netflix, I’ve got shit to do.

Figure out what you can do locally, and then do it.  Don’t fucking tweet about it, be about it.  Keep at it.  Hold your representatives accountable, even if they’re from the other side.  Be loud, be in their faces.  And when you get a chance, you vote them the fuck out.

Register others to vote.  Find good people, and run them for local office.  I know shit is gerrymandered.  Tough.  Beat them anyway.  THERE ARE MORE OF US.  SHOW THE FUCK UP.  GET YOUR IDIOT FRIENDS TO SHOW UP, TOO.   WE OUTNUMBER THEM.  Don’t get buried in the weeds- don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  Get involved.

Also?  And I’m serious about this.  Go to the damn gym.  I’m not saying you need to be a meathead, but learn to fight back, metaphorically, and also physically.  Life is a contact sport.  Be tougher.  Now is not the time to retreat into safe spaces because our feewings got hurt.  WE LIVE HERE TOO.

The other thing we have to do?  Is be kind.  Not to the Trump voters.  But to the people who will be hurt, who will be affected?  If you’re in a position to do so, then you have the obligation to do so.  Call people out on their shitty language, or on their behavior.  Particularly if you’re white.  Immigrants built this country.  Don’t tarnish that legacy.  Think about what the average immigrant put up with just to get here, because they thought it was a better place.  Honor that.   Those are tough people.  They are worthy fellow citizens.  Are you worthy of them?  Then be it.

But get active.  Take back your school boards, take back your state houses, take back your country.  We gave it away to these people, through laziness, carelessness, and arrogance.  Get the fuck back up off of the mat.

I promise you this will be hard.  They will fight, kicking and screaming.  BUT THERE ARE MORE OF US.  If we don’t win in a landslide, then it is our fault.  THE PROMISE OF THIS COUNTRY IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

Dammit, we are going to make this country a better place in spite of them.  Are you with me?