Man, when I was a kid, I dreamed about being President.  I really thought that I’d be working in the government somewhere, trying to help people with their issues.  I used to read about the people in Congress, knew all of the people in the positions of power, both sides of the aisle, and was just a total political junkie.  Hell, at 10 I convinced my grandfather to cast a vote for John Anderson instead of Reagan.  When I was in school, I worked in the Michigan State Senate, and even got a degree in International Relations, before going to law school.

And now?  Now the very idea of politics makes me want to vomit.  While I nominally side with the Democrats on things, they don’t speak for me.  And the other side?  Actually, factually insane.

I never liked John Boehner.  He and I would certainly disagree on just about everything.  But he is an adult.  He came by his conservativism honestly.  He’s a self made person, who seems to believe in the principles of limited government honestly.  He’s incredibly conservative-  historically, he’d rank as one of the most conservative Speakers, ever.

And he is resigning, because he’s tired of trying to reign in the right wing of his party.  These people are nuts.  It’s our fault, though.  I look at the people who are running for office in my local races, and both sides make me nauseous.  They’ve gerrymandered my district into such contortions to ensure that the seat stays Republican.  I have nothing in common with half of the people in the district.

Plus, personally?  NO fucking way I want to go into politics.  With what I’ve written in this blog, just so far, I’m unelectable.

There are times I’m really happy I’m old, and don’t have any kids.